About Us!

Tennis Lambda was born by our founder Yvan German. During a volleyball tournament in Toronto, he visited one of his friends who was a member of the recreational gay tennis league in Toronto. The idea was then launched to start a friendly competition between the two cities similar to the Davis Cup.

As time passed by Yvan noticed that there was a growing interest in Montreal to start up a gay tennis league. In the summer of 1992, Montreal Tennis Lambda, a non-profit organization was born with an aim to promote the sport and to create a place for fellow tennis loving gays to meet up.

In 1994, La Coupe de la Reine was founded and continues to be held every Labour Day Weekend. In 1999, Montreal joined the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA). La Coupe de la Reine continues to grow and could not have been done without the help of the support of Terry Brennan who shared the organizing responsibilities with Yvan for many years in the early years of the tournament.

In addition to its tournaments, Tennis Lambda organizes a weekly outdoor recreational league in the summer and a winter indoor league.