Winter Tennis (Indoor Tennis)



Montreal Tennis Lambda’s indoor season begins September 30th, 2017. It take place from 3 to 5pm at Club de Tennis de l’Île des Sœurs.

This year, Chris Lau, Claure Gagnon and Serge Danis (pictures in order) will be sharing the league’s organization responsibilities.  Each Saturday evening or Sunday morning, you will receive an email from one of us inviting you to sign up to play on the following Saturday.  

For example, for Saturday October 11, Chris will send out an email on October 4 or 5 for you to sign up.

Fees: A refundable deposit of $15 will be paid at Club de Tennis Ile Des Soeurs. This deposit is to get the access card to the Club. It will be refund if you decide to quit the league.

An annual registration fee of $25 is asked to play in the indoor league. This fee will give you the access to “a passport membership” at the Club de Tennis de l’ile des Soeurs (value: 276$). You have access to many advantage with this membership. Please ask the Club for details.

Annual fees are $5. This fee allow you to participate to every activity organized  by Montreal Tennis Lambda (winter and summer leagues).

Two hours of double cost $20. To play one hour double and one hour single, the cost is $30. The possibility to play single matches is never guarantee and is confirmed by email two days before the league.

Rules to follow: You must reserve your place with us by e-mail no later than each Wednesday at 11 pm, indicating your availability for an hour of singles if you wish (remember, singles is never guaranteed). We will confirm your entry by Thursday evening at the latest. Once you have been confirmed, you will be required to find a substitute should you be unable to attend.

To respect your fellow players and to ensure starting on time, please arrive each week at least 15 minutes before the start time in order to pay, change your clothes, stretch, etc.

In the unfortunate case of a no-show without warning, we will leave it to the players who were scheduled with the no-show to determine how to proceed. The no-show will be required to pay nonetheless, otherwise we will strike his/her name from the mailing list and we will accept no more reservations from him/her in the future. In case of an absence or a late arrival due to unforeseen and inevitable circumstances, you must still contact the person organizing that week.

PS: If you want to join this league, you just send an email to by providing your name, surname and email address. We will then add your name to our mailing list.