Players 2011

Almost all Coupe de la Reine 2011’s Players. Are not there : Daniel Bellavance, Andres Cortes, Ruben Gonzales, Reed Hay, Guy Houde, Allan Knight, Adrian Kutugata, Chris Lau, Daniel Lavoie, Malcom McPhail, Wyman Meers, Bao Ong, Martin Pan, Gilles Rouleau, Wayne Van Ellis and Bernard Zion.

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[img src=]2840Todd Amoroso
[img src=]560Tony Andrade
[img src=]370Taka Ariga
[img src=]390Yannick Aubé
[img src=]270Pelayo Barbero
[img src=]180Brian Bartoloni
[img src=]190Elkin Bejarano
[img src=]150Scott Benedict
[img src=]180Michael Bitter
[img src=]240Chonlawit Boontawee
[img src=]280Mario Bozic
[img src=]260Michel Breton
[img src=]180Steve Buldini
[img src=]200Jean-François cayer
[img src=]210Warren Chan
[img src=]220Richard Chong
[img src=]190James Conforti
[img src=]150Shiraz datardina
[img src=]340Robson Dematos
[img src=]150Mark Desky
[img src=]290Nicolas Drolet
[img src=]170Scott Enos
[img src=]180Will Evans
[img src=]220George Farrell
[img src=]90Romie Fulgencio
[img src=]120Stephen Fung
[img src=]180Michael Galvin
[img src=]190Daniel Gannon
[img src=]230Alan Gaskell
[img src=]110Desmond Gatdula
[img src=]140Yvan Germain
[img src=]160Martin Gervais
[img src=]170Cliff Gibbons
[img src=]130Reed Hay
[img src=]100J. P. Hormillosa
[img src=]120Ted Huang
[img src=]100Jose Ihada
[img src=]70Aris Iringan
[img src=]70Edgardo Jimenez
[img src=]100Stephen Jones
[img src=]120Elmer Jovel
[img src=]90Tim Kelley
[img src=]90Christopher Khng
[img src=]350Bartosz Kraczkowski
[img src=]290Roman Krasikov
[img src=]120Keith Kron
[img src=]130Rosauro Lacap
[img src=]100John Lachack
[img src=]120Stéphane Laforge
[img src=]120Tony Lancia
[img src=]210Gregg Leib
[img src=]100Jacques Lemieux
[img src=]90Robin Leong
[img src=]90Dante Lescano
[img src=]180Beppe Lovoi
[img src=]150Pholysa Mantryvong
[img src=]140Rem Mao
[img src=]80Domingo Medina
[img src=]90Edwin Medrano
[img src=]130Rashun J. Miles
[img src=]240Garrett Montgomery
[img src=]110Luc Morin
[img src=]100James Mrkvicka
[img src=]80Andreas Muller
[img src=]80Gordon Ng
[img src=]80Jerry Noyola
[img src=]160Robert Pilon
[img src=]50Edgar Porlares
[img src=]120Floranne Porter
[img src=]80David Rapaglia
[img src=]120Philippe Roset
[img src=]120Bernard Ross
[img src=]120Kenrick Ross
[img src=]90Jacques Rouiller
[img src=]90Kent Senderson
[img src=]60Stephen Santoro
[img src=]70Phyllis Spector
[img src=]80Bernal Stewart
[img src=]50Alan Tang
[img src=]80Éric Tétreault
[img src=]60Chris Thach
[img src=]70Thana Theptoranintra
[img src=]50Yves Trahan
[img src=]90Enrique Usuga
[img src=]240Adam Vavrek
[img src=]90Simon Vichit
[img src=]60Kham Vilayvong
[img src=]90Waimin Wang
[img src=]90Andrew Wong
[img src=]150Chris Wood
[img src=]90Tommy Young